What a beautiful afternoon…

So simple, so spontaneous, so warm! We had the honour to be visited here in Erythres from Weswimgreece, a group of amateur swimmers, after their dash to a nearby coast! Us and Sokos wines family welcomed them in the most beautiful vineyard of our village! Our guests had the chance to admire the outstanding view […]

Cork, Ireland, 19-23 June 2023

3rd AEDIL Conference ( Association of the European Dairy Industry Learning). 40 PhD students, post PhDs, researchers, dairy scientists, and academic stuff, came from all over Europe, here at the full of green Cork University. We participated among others in the conference processes and we presented part of our research! Our visit in Teagasc Moorepark […]

Know how and patience…

It is not only the “know how” of the cheese making process…It is a large ammount of information before and after cheesemaking From the knowledge of the wood quality of the barells, the feedeing of the animals, the well being of sheep, until the handling of the barells before and after cheese putting on it. […]

Pagonis Dairy Food & Life, Munich, November 2013

Food & Life, Munich, November 2013

Our company will participate in "Food & Life" world fair, that will take place in Munich, Germany from 27/11 until 1/12/2013, at Fairground Messe.

Recycling of Packaging Materials

Recycling of Packaging Materials

Since May 2012, our dairy has been participating in the Collective Alternative Management System approved by the State (ACSED-ANACKLOSI) organized by EEAA, thus fulfilling its legal obligations, as they result from Law 2939/01.

Pagonis Dairy Agro Quality Festival

4ο Agro Quality Festival

Our company participates in the 4th Agro Quality Festival that will be held on 17, 18 & 19 May at "Technopolis" in Gazi, under the auspices of the European Agency for Strategic Planning of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management.

Pagonis Dairy DETROP 2011

Detrop 2013

Our company will participate in the 22th International Food & Drink Exibition, that will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece, Kiosk 13, stand 75.

World Cheese Award 2012q

World Cheese Award 2012

Our brand new product "Harantini" was honoured with the silver metal, in the "World Cheese Awards", that took place in London, November 2012. It is a goat cheese, covered with mint, ideal to be served with green salads, or to eat it with a glass of dry white wine...