Pagonis Dairy traditional yogurt on shelf

Company Profile

Pagonis company is established in the town of Erythres of Attica and is activated in the field of production of dairy and milky products for more than half a century. By keeping stable and long life collaborations with local farmers, as well as with farmers of the wider region (Evia region, Viotia region), the company reassures the overall control of its products throughout all the stages of the production.

This is also a result of the constant technical support that Pagonis company offers the farmers in topics such as breeding and good practices, but, additionally, of the every day quality control of the raw material that the recognized (by the Ministry of rural development and Food) self control laboratory in the company performs. Both of these factors guarantee the optimum quality of the milk, before that enters the production line.

The deep knowledge of Pagonis family in cheese making as well as the know-how of the technical stuff, recommend the basis of a successful process and an excellent and trustful relationships with our customers but also with our suppliers.

Pagonis Dairy white cheese quality assurance
Pagonis Dairy feta cheese in wooden barrels

The products of Pagonis company are distributed in a net of more than 300 points of sales in Greece ( Central Greece, Macedonia and Islands) while the last year the company is activated in abroad markets, having collaborations with importers in  Cyprous, Germany & United Kingdom

The major interest of Pagonis family, is the respect of the traditional practices of the production of dairy products, but also the support of the Greek farmers in the quality of their milk, in order to provide the consumer with the best safety and quality of the products.