Pagonis Dairy quality assurance

Quality Control

Pagonis company has on its own a self controlled laboratory for analysis in raw milk, which is recognized by the Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Food.

All the milk that is collected on a daily base from approximately 100 farmers, is controlled for its composition (fat, protein, SNF, addition of other kind of milk, addition of water), presence of inhibitory substances / antibiotics, as well as for its microbiological state (TCC), but also for the number of somatic cells (cow milk).

Pagonis Dairy lab testing
Pagonis Dairy milk analysis

Additionally, microbiological and physicochemical analysis are carried out at the products that are produced, which are conducted in our laboratory, but also in the laboratories of external partners.

The quality control system of the company is awarded by the ISO 22000:2005, while all the people who work for the company are dedicated in producing tasteful, qualitative and safe products.