05/06/2022: EFET seminar for all employes, regarding food hygiene 

20/10/2021: PhD dissertation of an employee in the establishment of our factory, in the field of the production od a cheese with improved nutritional characteristics. 

06/03/2021: “Water quality for human consumption (EU dir.)2020/2184 regarding the quality of drinking water: what has changed regarding what we already know”, organized by the Regional dep. Of Analytical Chemistry of the Greek Chemists Committee and the Greek Committee of Chemists of Industry and Businesses

14/02/2021: “Quality control of raw milk, production of dairy products, management and function of dairy businesses, safety and hygiene in dairy production”. A 100 hours seminar, organized by the department of Animal production of University of Thessaly, scheduled to meet the needs for education of the personnel involved in the production of dairy products