Privacy Policy

The management and protection of personal data of visitor of/user of our Network place are conditioned by the terms present and the relative provisions of so much Greek Right (Law 2472/1997, P. [d]. 207/1998. P. [d]. 79/2000 and No 8 Laws 2819/2000), as the European Right ([Od]. 95/46/[EK] and [Od]. 97/66/[EK]).

Collection of personal data becomes when the visitor/user selects he communicates together us using him form of communication. Obligatory elements are: a) Full name, b) Telephone and g) Electronic address. This elements are not notified in third person (with the exception of where it is only forecasted by the Law in the responsible and beginnings), but are safeguarded their personal character. Our network place maintains files with this elements exclusive on reasons of communication, statisticians of also improvement of his provided services.

Moreover, in the case of “beams” to other network places, our Network place is not accountable for the terms of management and protection of personal data that these follows. In every case in any case the user/visitor of our Network place has the possibility after he communicates with the responsible department and realises the existence of his personal file asks the deletion, correction or his change.